Creating a Capsule Wardrobe...In Four Easy Steps (Step 3)

This step of building a capsule wardrobe requires you to review the first two steps and then create an action plan to achieve your desired end goal...a capsule wardrobe of approximately 30 pieces that can be easily mixed and matched to keep you in style for an entire season.

So, let’s review where we are:

During Step One, you conducted a self assessment to help you establish your style goals. This was done by analyzing how you spent your time, the activities you engage in, the roles you play and the image that you wanted to portray

In Step Two, you sorted, purged and de-cluttered your closet so that you ended up with pieces that you love and wear. This is the starting point of the next step...

Now let’s consider your body type to understand what shapes and styles will be most flattering on you. If you recall in Step Two, you main category were the ‘Keepers’...those pieces of clothing that made you feel awesome when you wore them. Pull a few of them out and look at the shape. Are the trousers flared, skinny or straight? Are there certain colours that look more flattering on you? What are the pieces that you get the most compliments on? These will help you to conceptualize the shapes, colours and styles that will look best on you.

If you need additional help identifying your body shape, check out these helpful articles:

Body Shape Calculator

Determine Your Body Shape

You may also want to take into account what colour palettes and tones will work best with your complexion. Colour theory basically takes into account the undertones in a person’s skin and the lightness or darkness of their hair and eyes. The end result is that you are able to determine your ‘season’ and what colour palettes will help you to look vibrant and healthier. For a more detailed explanation, please check out this link: Colour Analysis

The actual capsule wardrobe will need to include a combination of pieces that can easily work well together to create a variety of outfits to last you through a season (approximately 3 – 4 months). This does not include undergarments, accessories or shoes.

A sample capsule wardrobe may include the following:

  • 5 bottoms: pants, skirts

  • 10 tops: blouses, sweaters, tank tops

  • 4 dresses/rompers (i.e. One piece dressing)

  • 5 pairs of footwear: pumps, boots, sandals etc.

  • 4 toppers: blazers, cardigans, vests

  • 2 coats/outerwear

Remember, this is just a guideline and can vary based on lifestyle and preferences.

Based on what is remaining in your closet, look through the list above and identify the gaps in your wardrobe. This will serve as the foundation of your shopping list. Your choices will be informed by your body shape and colour analysis.

Stay tuned for Step Four...planning your shopping trip!

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