Spotlight on Canadian eCommerce Fashion Brand LUXFINDZ

I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Noriko Oyama (above right), owner of LUXFINDZ, an online boutique for today’s fashionable woman.

Launched in 2017, LUXFINDZ is the online destination for women in search of style, comfort and affordable luxury. Based on her own experience as a single professional mother, Noriko created the company to cater to women who have little time and appreciate having a one-stop-shop for a collection that includes basic wardrobe staples such as leggings and lounge wear as well as sexy edgy offerings that can be paired with high end designer pieces.

Having experienced post-pregnancy changes to her body, she sources pieces that are slightly tailored so as to conceal those areas of the body that a woman may want to minimize while still making her look shapely. The philosophy behind the brand is that all women should feel good about themselves, no matter what their shape. Through her online videos and social media posts, Noriko shares her adventures, such as taking a kick-boxing class, to demonstrate that one doesn’t have to be perfect, to have fun! It's all about balance and being able to laugh at yourself once in a while.

This lovable lady also has a beautiful daughter Jackie, a Toronto based model and student. When I first met them, I thought that they were sisters…the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say. Jackie can be seen on the LUXFINDZ website modelling some of the gorgeous items. She also graces many a runway in Toronto, including the recent Toronto Fashion Week (TFW) and models internationally. Below are some behind-the-scenes shots of Jackie, and fellow model Karly, preparing for a photoshoot for the new LUXFINDZ collection.

LUXFINDZ recently showcased their collection at Startup Fashion Week (SFW) Toronto. Asked about her favourite pieces, Noriko gushes excitedly “I’m in love with minimalistic styles for every day. The ribbed accent leggings that hold everything in, the casual black dress because of the material and the fact that I wear it as a ruched shirt in the winter over leggings or a dress with booties in the fall. I’m also in love with the kimonos this season that are all the rage. Deep blues, golds and reds mixed with velvet accents add texture and depth to our long kimono inspired jacket. I wear it over everything...ripped jeans and a white tank top or over top of a black strapless dress and heels. It looks amazing over everything. The jeans have also been flying off the shelf because customers are raving about how soft they are and comfortable! I can’t keep them in stock. All the camo items are pretty much sold out. There are only a few sizes left and it goes to show you that people are looking for something different.”

Noriko’s effervescence and love of life are definitely contagious! LUXFINDZ is one gem of a company for those of us who want to look like a million dollars without having to spend it! To see the full collection, visit the LUXFINDZ website.

Photo credit: Zahid Mahmood

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