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The reality is that the current COVID-19 crisis has turned ‘normal life’ as we knew it on its head. The coming months will see a ‘transitional new normal’ during which time people will need to adjust to reemerging into their daily lives while incorporating the social distancing, hand hygiene and other protocols put into place to slow down the spread of the virus. My personal belief (I am not a healthcare expert, this is just my opinion) is that we will be in this transitional stage until cures and vaccines are developed and made available to the general public.

This past week in Ontario, some retail businesses opened their doors to the public for the first time since the pandemic forced a blanket shutdown in March. The Ontario government has released a list of sector-specific guidelines that industries including retail, health care, manufacturing, tourism, restaurant and food service, offices, construction sites, and transit and transportation services must follow in order to reopen.

As a personal stylist, I have reflected upon what this means to me and my clients. How can I make my clients comfortable and feel at ease about shopping again? How do I provide them with the service and attention that they expect from a personal shopping experience in this new paradigm we are living in?

One way to provide a ‘high-touch virtual experience’ is to use the technology that we have rapidly become familiar with in order to stay connected with family and friends over this period of isolation. Video conferencing is no longer the domain of the corporate sector and will see rapid expansion into a variety of workplaces as a way of interacting with clients.

My goal is to leverage the technology to engage with my clients, in the safety and comfort of their own homes, in a seamless and hassle-free way.


The first video chat would be an introductory meeting and an opportunity for us to get to know each other. It would help me to gain an understanding of what you, the client, hope to achieve through our engagement and how I can be of service. Prior to our meeting, I would send out a questionnaire to help guide our conversation.

Wardrobe Audit/Declutter:

After the initial consultation, I would help you to prepare for the wardrobe audit. I would send you instructions on how to categorize pieces in your current wardrobe ahead of time. The pre-work should ideally not take longer than an hour and would give you a general idea of what you plan to keep, and what could be sold or donated. For more information on conducting a wardrobe declutter, please click here to see part two of my four-part series on creating a capsule wardrobe. The end result of this session would be a baseline understanding of what remains in your wardrobe. This is the starting point for the next phase of our journey.

Research & Vision Board:

Based on the outcomes of the consultation and wardrobe audit, I then take the reins and research pieces that would enhance your current wardrobe and move you towards achieving your style goals. Through the creation of a vision board, I would provide you with a visual conception of your updated look. It would incorporate pieces from your remaining wardrobe, pieces available for purchase, and an overall direction outlining how to bring your sartorial vision to life. Your feedback on the vision board would set the stage for the next step...virtual shopping.

Virtual shopping delivered to your inbox:

I would curate a selection of pieces based on your needs, priorities, preferences and feedback, taking into account availability of pieces, seasonality and budget. The selection would be sent to you via email and you could then select and purchase the desired pieces and have them delivered to you.

Follow-Up Styling Session:

Once the pieces have been received, a follow-up styling session would be booked to help you integrate the new pieces into your existing wardrobe and create a style look-book album on your phone. This will help you to optimize the pieces in your wardrobe and provide you with inspiration at-a-glance.

The steps outlined above can easily be customized to meet your particular needs. For more information please contact me at or via the Contact page.

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