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Step 1: Getting to know you.

Our style journey begins with getting to know you and understanding your style goals. I’ll send you a style questionnaire to fill out asking you about your lifestyle, your body type, your current style challenges, what you hope to achieve and your budget. Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will meet for a free consultation to review it and map out a plan.

Step 2:  Wardrobe audit:

The next step is to assess your current wardrobe. Together, we will sort through what can be kept and what can be either donated or discarded. This will involve trying on clothes, evaluating how the pieces fit and how they match against your style goals. At the end of wardrobe audit, we will have a clearer idea of our starting point for the rest of your style journey.

Step 3:  Finding inspiration:

Based on the results of our consultation and the wardrobe audit, I then create style boards that pull together outfits aligned with your style goals. This will incorporate pieces that you currently own and pieces to be added to create and complete your look.

Step 4:  Shopping trip:

This is the fun part! Ahead of our trip, I research the best places to find the pieces that we are looking for. The shopping trip requires 2 – 3 hours of time, an open mind and the willingness to try on many items! Often times clients have difficulty visualizing the overall look, so I will usually ask you to bring one or two key pieces from your current wardrobe (such as shoes or a blazer) that will help to complete the look.