“Zabin did an amazing job of listening to my challenge, and coming up with solutions that could work.  Starting from the self-assessment questionnaire, to the day she encouraged me to part with my non-flattering outfits, to shopping day where she got all the sales staff to work double time.  She was able to effectively challenge my perceptions, encouraging me to try new things, and she was always answering any questions I had throughout the process via email, Facebook or text messages!" - Daisy

Daisy is a petite, 5’4”with a svelte figure. She works for a home-improvements company and teaches gym classes in her spare time. Due to her slight frame, it is challenging for her to find clothing that fits her properly and doesn’t make her look too young. She needs to convey a professional yet approachable image when she is working with construction contractors and her pieces need to be versatile enough to be worn to the office, and while visiting stores, homeowners and construction sites.


Based on our initial consultation and the wardrobe audit, I suggested some key pieces that we needed to focus on for our shopping trip: blazers, tailored trousers, comfortable shoes that could be worn on the road and blouses that could be worn for work or on the weekend. I also suggested that she keep a change of clothes in a bag that could be kept in her car so that when she had to visit contractors or homeowners, she could change clothes, as appropriate (i.e., switch a blazer with a cardigan).


The result of our shopping trip speaks for itself. Daisy now presents a polished and professional image with pieces that can easily be mixed and matched for work and off-duty activities. The key was to finding stores that carried clothing in her petite sizing and trying on lots of pieces until we came up with a variety of outfit combinations.



“I used to hate it when I would go shopping, feel intimidated and lost in the mall, and then buy something expensive that would end up sitting in my closet unused. I don’t have to worry about that anymore because Zabin has helped me feel more confident in picking out clothes, putting together outfits and navigating stores.”

- Jenny

Jenny is a former amateur ballet dancer and bestselling author. Currently she is a medical editor. Jenny had been working as a contract employee for 2 years while also saving to buy a home. Recently, she secured a permanent position and feels more comfortable financially. Recognizing that she hasn’t made herself and her style a priority over the past few years, she is at a point in her career where she would like to project a more refined and polished image. Jenny’s requirements were that the clothes be comfortable, easy to mix and match into outfits, and effortless to maintain.


Based on her needs and lifestyle, I suggested tailored, classic pieces that could be easily coordinated. For added interest, I recommended including some pieces in rich colours, such as a pair of deep plum trousers and blouses with modern prints. Sheath dresses also suited her physique and looked polished with pearls and pumps.


Jenny is now well on her way to building a wardrobe that is classic, chic and modern. She is also becoming more confident about making clothing choices on her own.